50 Cent Continues To Troll “Game Of Thrones” Fans

50 Cent said “Power” over “Game of Thrones” all day.

50 Centrecently shot all Game of Thrones fans through his latest declaration encompassing the entry of Power’s 6th season. While it was recently detailed this would be the last season to the dramatization arrangement, the strain and stunning minutes inside the most recent scene can just prod an incredible forthcoming season. In addition, the hip hop investor felt so sure about Power season six that he chose to tell Game of Thrones fans it would blow the dream arrangement out the water.

While 50 previously took shots at the establishment, he had more to get off his chest. The insignificant rapper kept trolling Winterfell fans further by posting an image of Tyrion Lannister with his face slapped on it. The inscription attached to that just stoked the blazes as 50 gladly expressed: “f*** you and your flying dragons.” As you can tell, the maker feels no kind of regret behind his announcements. He said what he said. Undoubtedly, the announcements are very amazing considering the numerous records the most recent and last period of Game of Thrones has broken. However, 50 Cent has never been one to not back up his cases.

Power’s last season is set to start August 25th on Starz.

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