Chris Brown Rape Accuser Story Doesn’t Match

Chris Brown Rape story doesn’t match up.

Chris Brown was blamed for savagely assaulting a young lady prior this week in Paris. He was captured and kept until the point that police arrived at the resolution that there was insufficient proof to charge Brown. While the examination is as yet progressing, Parisian experts are having a troublesome timee trusting the informer’s story. She asserts Brown brought her into a separated region and assaulted her. She at that point says she left that room and was assaulted again in a second room. At long last, the informer claims she left that room and was struck a third time. Police think that its odd that the young woman was explicitly mishandled three separate occasions and never attempted to call for help, raise a caution, or break.

Presently, as indicated by TMZ, the supposed injured individual’s legal advisor Frank Serfati told the Associated Press Thursday (January 24) that his customer “was not constrained physically” into having intercourse with Chris Brown. She demands that “non-consensual sex” purportedly occurred however, and that she was under “extraordinary mental weight” amid the association. Serfati proceeded to guarantee Brown “cornered her in a room that was bolted” and that “there were constrained sexual relations” with “men, more older men, men who you envision to be buff.” Browns body guard was likewise kept and discharged regarding the supposed strike of event.


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