Turnupplug works in compliance with DMCA. It’s in our policy to respond o any infringement notice made known to us and take prompt actions under the DMCA and other property laws.

We try in our possible best to monitor contents uploaded on our site to avoid any copyrighted material been uploaded. In a situation where you feel your copyright is infringed  please do contact us via this page.

Turnupplug will respond to any take down requests so long as it falls in line with DMCA and other property laws.

In any situation stated above, please contact us via mail at [email protected] and state your relationship to the copyrighted material, your full contact information, and the url to the particular song, video, mixtape or articles your are referring to.

Please do give us a 24 hours time frame to get back to you and note that sending a mail to other parties other than the stated one above ma result to delayed response due to complaints note being filled properly.