Dreamville – Under the Sun Ft. J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Lute

Dreamville brings on J. Cole on “Under the Sun.”

Dreamville “Under the Sun” including DaBaby, Lute and uncredited vocals by Kendrick Lamar, is far more extravagant than publicized. Without a doubt, the uncredited vocals came as an astonishment to fans who didn’t Kendrick Lamar recorded among the participants for the much-advanced ROTD sessions in Atlanta.

First off, DaBaby incorporation solidifies that “grassroots” feeling ‎J. Cole‎ and Ibrahim Hamad were apparently going for when the RSVP letters through the mail paving the way to the unequivocal Battle Royale.

Furthermore, Lute is the most underpublicized individual from the Dreamville line-up, so his audacious presentation isn’t useful for his very own vocation prospects yet the mark’s quality as an unpliable unit. DaBaby discusses students thumping on his apartment, J. Cole of his triumphs in the rap game, for a tune that is a balance of vainglorious yet genuine when it should be. Who, in your estimation, takes the show on “Under the Sun?” Hit us in the remarks beneath.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ain’t no job, I’m selling gas like I’m Jiffy Lube
I had a freak, used to fuck while her boyfriend in class
I hit her from the back from like 10 to 2
No back and forth with these rappers
They mention me, dissin’ me
No talkin’ back, I won’t mention you.

Listen and Enjoy Dreamville “Under the sun” ft. J.Cole,Lute,Kendrick Lamar,DaBaby below!


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