Iggy Azalea Admits She Self-Sabotages Due To Bullying

Iggy Azalea visited a wellness retreat to conquer her fears.

Iggy Azalea is fitting up for her huge rebound as she’s preparing her imminent collection “In My Defense”. The Australian rapper has discharged two singles in the previous couple of months, “Sallie Walker” and “Started,” be that as it may, she was hit with a curve ball after her topless photographs released on the web. The 29-year-old craftsman enjoyed a reprieve from internet based life and has learned not to let an impediment stop her sparkle, however to get to where she isn’t off-put by difficulties is an adventure she’s as yet voyaging.

In an ongoing The RuPaul Show talk with, Iggy conceded that she’s set aside some effort for self-reflection at a wellbeing retreat. Consider it Iyanla fixing your life, just without Iylana. Also, in the desert. “I did, I don’t have the foggiest idea what you would call it,” Iggy said. “An extraordinary workshop yourself? In Arizona. I left and only one-on-one conversed with people…there were individuals around me who I worked with that resembled, ‘We adore you however we feel that you self-damage yourself.'”

“Furthermore, I was kinda pissed about it, despite the fact that I realized it was valid,” she proceeded. “I realized that it was valid yet I think a ton of it was on the grounds that I was tormented a great deal in secondary school. I got ridiculed in light of the fact that I generally was absurd and over the top, thus it was hard for me in my grown-up life to sort of have the option to differentiate between someone being basic and productive and someone harassing. I couldn’t really…I had a similar reaction to both those things.” She likewise said that she’s grasped quieting and blocking individuals who come at her with negative remarks, yet she’s figuring out how to acknowledge and apply solid reactions.

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